THANK YOU for contacting us for your implant identification needs!

While we have become quite effective in identifying implants here in the States, those implants placed outside the U.S. are much more difficult with little to no resourced available to identify them. Due to these reasons, WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING CONSULTS FOR IMPLANTS PLACED OUTSIDE THE U.S. at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we just don’t quite have the resources to do this effectively. Please review the following information prior to starting your consult with us:
FEES: You will be prompted to indicate how many implants you want identified on the consult form. If you have multiple implants of the same type (they look the same), then your consult will be charged as a single implant. If there are multiple implants in the same patient of different types (they look different), there will be a fee per additional implant type.
– Identification of a single implant type
– Fee for each additional implant of different type within the same patient
REFUNDS: In the unlikely event that we are not able to identify your implant based on our resources and you have provided a satisfactory diagnostic image in your first submission or subsequent submissions per our request and the implant was placed in the USA, a full refund of your consultation will be processed. If that is the case, please allow 5-7 business days for the refund to be processed. In the event that a diagnostic image was not provided, or the implant submitted was not placed in the USA, $150 will be refunded to you and $25 will be kept for processing fees. Thank you!
RESPONSE TIME: We take great pride in our service and strive to respond with an answer to your consult as soon as possible. Often it is within 24 hours of your submission. If there is any doubt on our part on the identity, we often reach out to our implant company contacts to confirm our suspicions prior to responding to you. If this is needed for your consult, we are at the mercy of their response time. Having said that, most of the time we are able to get back to you with an answer in a week or less. If you have not heard from us in a week’s time, please drop us a line at and we will be happy to update you on the status.
DELAYS: The most common cause for delay is non-diagnostic radiographs and insufficient information submitted in the consult form. Please note the following when submitting your consult:
  • File types and extensions matter!
    Please only send image files in JPG or other photo file types. We are not able to open images exported out of your practice software such as .DEX or .PSD files, so please export them from your software correctly.
  • Implant orientation in the x-ray matters!
    Think of that implant like a tooth and try to get the film as parallel to the implant as possible……like taking a BW of a tooth. We need to see the implant in its entirety. The apex is often one of the most important areas for identification and is too often forgotten.
  • Specifics matter!
    Please be specific in which implant(s) you want identified. If there is only one, well then that’s easy! Where we get snagged is when there is more than one implant with no other references to know which tooth number you are referring to.
  • Approximate time frame matters!
    Even if you are within a few years, please try to give us an approximate year the implant was placed. Sometimes this is the tie breaker when we are on the fence about something.
  • A good email address matters!
    This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT thing (other than good images of course). Please try to provide us with an email that is checked often and by the person that submitted the consult. Way too often we are sending email after email of correspondence just to find out its been sitting in the front office inbox untouched because the front office folks think its spam or just delete it. We prefer an email that is not the generic office email UNLESS it is one that is well checked and common to everyone involved in the consult.
In order to give us the best chance of helping you, please consider the following parameters when you submit your inquiry:
  1. Please try to make your radiograph as perpendicular to the long-axis of the implant as you possibly can. This helps us see important aspects of the implants better such as thread type, grooves, etc.
    Implant not perpendicular – difficult to see the thread type
    Note how much easier you can tell the thread type (but the apex is cut off)
  2. Please include at least one periapical radiograph of good quality showing both the coronal and apical portions of the implant. We often have radiographs sent to us with the apical portion of the implant cut off.
    Cannot see if the apex has holes, grooves, or what it’s shape is
    This is also over exposed, making it difficult to see some detail
  3. Some very useful adjunctive resources to consider submitting with your inquiry are: bitewing radiographs, photos of the implant platform clinically, photos of the healing abutment, and driver used (if applicable).
    This impression transfer actually helped us find an obscure implant from Spain
    Sometimes the clinical photo alone can help identify the implant
  4. It can often be very useful as well to know where and when the implants were placed.
We appreciate all the support we have received, and will continue to do our best to make this resource the best it can be.
To continue with your consult, you must agree to the terms described above.

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