If you are an implant company:

If you are an implant company that would like to be better represented on this site, please mail us at and we can discuss the details. If you have  spent any time on our site, you will notice that the ideal images are obtained when we have the actual implant to take a digital radiograph from.

We are able to take radiographs with the implant still in the packaging, but the image quality is not as good and we are unable to take an occlusal photograph of the abutment interface (sometimes necessary to differentiate between systems that appear very similar radiographically). If you choose this option, we would of course send the implants back to you after we’re done.

The images below show three examples of a branemark mkIII implant. You can clearly see the difference in quality between the various images. We would love to have you send us some implants that we don’t need to get back to you. Please contact us to discuss the specifics.

If you are a dental professional:

We would also ask that if anyone has any clinical radiographs of any implant system, email us the image with the name of the company (e.g. Zimmer) and the name of the implant (e.g. AdVent) and any other information you have about it and we will get that image into our database. Email us at

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