If you are interested in learning more about advertising on, please contact us at to request a current media packet.

There are various advertising opportunities available on The website is maintained as a free resource to our users and we would like to keep it that way. We see advertising as a win-win-win situation. Our clients win because they have free access to this resource. The advertiser wins due to a consistent world-wide market exposed on a daily basis. The final win is keeping the resource free to all who need to use it, while being able to develop it to it’s fullest potential.

We have various opportunities directly on the site ranging from the large banner across the top, to the many ad spots on the right side of the page. These advertisements will show up on every page throughout the site to maximize the exposure for you.

We also have a mailing list where we communicate updates and changes to our users. We provide space in these emails as well for advertisements.

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